Elisabeth Wood
06 Mar 15




Bellefour, Avenida Cordoba 4944, apartment #4. 
(in between Gurruchaga y Serrano)

When & What?

4:00 – 5:00 PM, every day from March 8 – April 5, 2015


16:00 – 16:10: Daily topic/theme/idea/image presented by ***curator-of-the-day.

Topic can be communicated via a story, article, video, single image, phrase or even a single word. Spanish, English or any other language, but the topic should please also be boiled down to an image, or a word or short phrase or question in both Spanish and English, just so that everyone has a somewhat common point of origin.

16:11 – 17:00: We write either in silence or with a soundtrack, according to the curator’s choice. Please no conversation or other distraction during the writing time.

Writing is not shared at the end of the session; however, participants are invited but not obligated to select parts of their writing from the sessions to be compiled into a small collection that will be shared and made available to the public.

This is about sharing a disciplined yet creative and solitary state in a spontaneous community setting.

17:01: Farewell and wishes for a nice day. Feel free to come back tomorrow or any day you would like.

***Please contact Elisabeth Wood (visiting resident artist at Bellefour) with any questions or to sign up as a curator-of-the-day: wizbif@gmail.com

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