Molly Nilsson - Sólo Paraíso
03 Feb 14
Sólo Paraíso - Cover Art by Máximo Pedraza

Molly Nilsson recorded "Sólo Paraíso" during her two-month residency at Bellefour in February and March 2014, and presented the songs during a farewell concert on the terrace of Otero. She also released multiple videos after her stay - one, for "Summer Cats", of footage she recorded in Buenos Aires, and two others, "Blue Dollar" and "Plaza Italia", in collaboration with graw böckler.

The videos can be seen on Youtube, and on Graw Böckler's site below:

Summer Cats

Blue Dollar

Plaza Italia

Máximo Says

Malaysian Airlines

Perfect Past

The album can be heard streaming, or can be ordered directly from the Dark Skies association shop.

Sólo Paraíso CD/Vinyl

Sólo Paraíso cover art by Máximo Pedraza.